Towers on Vashon, as a kid growing up on Vashon Island, kgnwtowers I enjoyed electronics. My dad worked for IBM, This was great because he would bring home all sorts of cool 6, 12 and 24 volt power supplies. Some we fixed others I would tear down and use the parts to repair other power supplies.

On the weekends he would work for KIRO watching the transmitter site on Maury Island. I loved going to the KIRO site with him. At that Time KIRO had a real huge Western Electric Water Cooled Transmitter. The whole transmitter site was impressive.

Growing up on Vashon I got to know the engineers that worked at the transmitter sites on the Island touring their sites. So with my vast knowledge of the Towers on the Island………..the Vashon Tower Tour

New Features!

With the re build of Vashon Radio, I have added more picutres of the KOMO facility as well as updated picutres on KFNQ, I even got the call letter change in there. KIRO and KVI have better pictures of the transmitters. As time allows I’ll be adding to the history information on the stations.

And whats better than just clicking around on the computer visiting transmitter sites and broadcast facilities. Check out the More Tower Tours page. Every week check back and see what other tower tours I have found.

Bellow are the updated KOMO and KFNQ tours.